What 48?

I'm 20y/o 48-Group fan from Finland. I'll also post stuff about Nogizaka46, but majority of my posts are still about 48.


W-whoa. LOL

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So my boyfriend saw these photos in my mobile phone then he became shocked and jealous until I told him hey it’s a girl.
Then he asked me what if it’s a boy? You will choose this guy?
I said yes without hesitation. 😱
Then guess how the story goes~

Oh after all my point is that: Juri, you are not a girl indeed right? You are damn handsome!

Jun destroying relationship…

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SKE48 EbiCalcio #1



Atsuko and Tomo meeting their cute kouhais~

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Two girls were wearing the Takamina Tokyo Tower designed outfit. Their friends were laughing so loudly that takamina looked out and saw them before they got to her. Takamina laughed and clapped so loud and she was like lying on the table laughing that they couldn’t let the two Tokyo tower go in yet because takamina isn’t ready. When they go in, she’s laughing so much I don’t think she could talk to them properly. She’s so amused its soooooooooo cute!!

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Jurimayu collection
by [ko]


This is quite late, but still feels so cute to collect them,

Apparently later days cute chibi-Jurina fanarts made by an unknown author in 2ch thread titled “Irakawa Jurina Series” 【イラかわ珠理奈シリーズ】 has gripped the fans’ attention. The character were looked simply-drawn, but they were really cute.

— "Japan! Can you send Japanese AKB fans here too?!" -me

I have met or talked to some Japanese for the first time this year. I have had a chance to meet around the same age Japanese students and it has been really nice experience. But I feel kind of sad that those who I’ve met don’t seem to be interested in AKB48 ^^”.

They’re not hating the group but just, whenever my friend talks about how he is a big fan on PERFUME, they get all hyped up. But then after he mentions about me being AKB-fan there’s always this big (and little awkward) silence, and then “Oh really? Okay” and this small smile.

I know it’s different to compare PERFUME to AKB idol-group. I would react same if people tell me they like 1D. You can’t really keep a conversation up if you don’t know or are not interested in them.
I’m not ashamed being a AKB-fan, not at all. It just makes me sad that haven’t met a fellow fan yet D: and since it always ends up to awkward silence if I bring up AKB when we’re in group, I have stopped telling that >.<

Don’t know if other people have had same situations and feelings.
It would be nice to hear your thoughts :)